Battling Frost Giants

These guys get it.  In the midst of a snow storm that shut down Mizzou campus these guys sat out on their frat house lawn and pushed out cars that were getting stuck in the snow along Providence Road.  Not only were they helping the stuck drivers, but helping to moved the long lines of stopped traffic all around campus that kept getting held up by stuck cars, some times even blocking ambulances and rescue vehicles.


For me the bright side of a day like this is the opportunity to help out friends and neighbors in need. I’ve pushed out my share of stuck cars today, and since I missed the gym this morning I figured, “Well, this is my work out today.” But that’s really not it. This is the reason why I work out in the first place. Putting my strength to good use helping people in my community is really the point of the hours I spend in the gym. Hail, Thor!